XMediusFAX software solutions are designed and continuously optimized to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and keep companies compliant with ever-increasing regulatory requirements.

Key Features

  • Address the global VoIP migration trend: Enhance productivity, streamline your operations and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with an easy migration of your fax requirements from your legacy telephone network infrastructures to VoIP.
  • Address diverse fax deployment drivers: Respond to specific industry regulatory requirements (i.e., HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act), evolving infrastructures (i.e., Unified Communication
    [UC], Enterprise Content Management [ECM], ‘branch’ optimization) and flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application integration. Enable adoption of more economical, eco-friendly core technologies (i.e., Fax over IP [FoIP], virtualization, SIP trunking) and integration of versatile multifunction printers (MFPs).
  • Simplified usage and administration: Deliver considerable and rapid return on investment (typically 1 to 6 months). Boost productivity (typically 90%) by leveraging your VoIP infrastructure and eliminating the need for expensive fax boards, dedicated analog lines and the need to manually process paper faxes.
  • Least cost routing: Reduce telecom costs by up to 90% over traditional faxing, and drastically reduce fax charges in multi-branch organizations.
  • Interoperability: Reduce business process costs by seamlessly interoperating with VoIP gateways, IPBXs, voice mail systems (Unified Messaging/UC applications including Microsoft Exchange 2010), LDAP directories, ECM/ERP applications, and MFPs.
  • Feature rich integration tools: Preserve all your key business processes with XMediusFAX’s robust application integration tools based on industry standard technologies (i.e., Java/CORBA, XML, web services, and Python scripting).
  • Security and compliance: Maintain industry security and compliance regulatory requirements with a built-in advanced user/admin control, management and encryption features. XMediusFAX enables the protection of document privacy and compliancy facilitation (i.e., HIPAA , Sarbanes-Oxley Act). Sensitive documents in TIFF or PDF format are routed to approved recipients and designated secure printers / MFPs.
  • Fax survivability: Offer advanced capabilities that provide failover solutions and “self-healing” mechanisms through a variety of deployment models (i.e., high availability, disaster recovery, remote branch survivability) to ensure corporate fax business continuity is maintained and downtime is minimized.
  • Scalable and adaptable platform: Expand your faxing capacity by simply licensing extra channels – typically no extra hardware or thirdparty kits are required. XMediusFAX can also adapt to your current environment, interoperating with your existing fax boards to preserve your infrastructure investments.
  • Future-proof fax server investment: Secure your investment through an easy migration path to VoIP deployment, while standards-based SIP and H.323 support ensure compatibility with today’s and emerging VoIP systems.
  • Faxing anywhere, anytime and from any device: Allow users to send and receive faxes from a wide spectrum of interfaces (i.e., desktop email clients, MFPs, cell phones, etc.) using simplified and unique operations.
  • Key core technologies supported: Enable unprecedented flexibility to rapidly and easily deploy cost-effective and green optimized solutions by leveraging T.38-based FoIP with XMediusFAX.
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